Stranger Things season 3 has not started production yet. But fans are speculating about what horrors await our Hawkins residents. One issue, in particular, is on our minds: Can we shed any new characters into the Mind Flayer and its minions? A fan concept that is wild hones in on a detail so modest, so insignificant, to establish another character will die. Fans have made Stranger Things one of the very talked-about TV show on social networking. And lots of the buzz for the two seasons based on one topic: the death of characters.

Following Bob Newby, Superhero kicked the bucket in season two, fans were not bashful about mourning him. And when Barb was assaulted by the Demogorgon in season one, her passing became one of the most minutes of 2016. Even minor characters’ deaths have resisted discussion by enthusiasts. Fans desire justice for more than simply Barb. Although Benny only had a couple of scenes worth of screen time, he left a huge impression for a number of fans. #JusticeforBenny was called for by fans on Twitter and Reddit after he had been gunned down by government functions. Although Benny’s death did not reverberate quite as loudly at the Stranger Things fandom, it did prove something. Fans notice the details, small and large. And they have taken.

There is one thing about watch Stranger Things 3 fans are fairly sure of. Stranger Things has not quite reached The Walking Dead heights of character killing. But in just two seasons, the series has managed to kill off a number of its characters. Additionally, between destruction in the Hawkins Lab and trips to the Upside Down, the show has racked up its share of casualties. That trend is not likely to stop with watch Stranger Things 3. It is pretty much a sure bet that someone will die, whether it is a newbie or a character. It’s Tough to imagine Stranger Things killing off Steve, or Mike, or Eleven. Nonetheless, it is safe to presume that just about anybody could die. Fans are biding their time by imagining who could move next. So fans are currently filling the long gap in their lives by trying to figure what is going to happen.

They have got some amazing (and sometimes bizarre) notions about the Stranger Things’ characters fate. By way of instance, some fans think Dr. Brenner will return for Eleven, which might put Hopper at risk. And among the more popular theories draws on past deaths to guess who will die next. The key to this fan concept is a single letter. They didn’t know one another, and they died in ways that are different. However, one fan theory suggests that it is proof that anybody with that letter in their title might be a goner. Some fans would not be sad to see Billy go. When he came in Stranger Things 2, Billy certainly caused a stir. His bad boy attitude and hair had a part of Hawkins’ girls, old and young.

Many fans, on the other hand, are not quite as in love with the newcomer. They point to bullying of Steve as a proof behavior of his sister, and his racism he’s not. Therefore, if Billy does end up dying, a huge portion of this Stranger Things 3 fan base would not be too bummed. Stranger Things 3 may kill off a number of its characters, but it does not do so indiscriminately. So far, the big deaths each has had a ripple effect and changed one character’s life in a way that is significant. It would place Theresa Ives at risk if Becky expires, and it might mean that Eleven and Hopper need to care for her. It would mark a shift in the life of Max if Billy dies. Plus it would probably, have a direct impact on Steve. It is too early to know whether that fan theory holds any water.


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