01 Sep

Who doesn’t know Benedict Cumberbatch these days? If you asked the question a decade ago, the answer to your question was probably a no. But thanks to his brilliant acting in the modern British version of Sherlock Holmes (supported by great stories and great detective analysis) and not to mention that Cumberbatch has played in some of the amazing roles – remember Start Trek and others – it is no wonder that the man is now one of the most famous actors worth waiting for. He may not be as dashing and handsome as other actors (who are known as the pretty boys), but you can be sure that his acting is one of the best these days.

And it seems that Marvel has made a clever decision to make Cumberbatch the next Doctor Strange role. Well, you had to admit that some people were skeptical about him and the role, thinking that Marvel had made an entirely wrong decision. But a current Twitter tweet and a photo of Cumberbatch in his costume have answered all those skeptical opinions.

The Slight Appearance of Dr Strange Raises Public Anticipation

The movie is taken place in New York City for the setting, especially for the public scenes. And there was a release of Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor in their full costumes that made everyone went ‘wow!’ Cumberbatch was caught wearing his Stephen Strange costume while Ejiofor was wearing his Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo. And since the photo and the tweet from Scott Derrickson on the 3rd of April 2016, photos of those two main characters began to surface. A pretty impressive and fruitful free promo, if you ask me.

Dr. Stephen Strange was a surgeon who suffered a misfortunate turn of an event. Being a brilliant surgeon means that he needed his hands badly and yet his hands are damaged severely (and can’t be healed or repaired) in a car accident. Strange refused to accept his faith and the loss of his assets. He began to start a journey to improve his hands, and taking the facts that there are more than what meets the eye. He received mystic arts and be involved in it.


During the journey, he met Baron Mordo, another powerful sorcerer. His presence and existence are mysterious, and you have to guess whether he is a friend or an enemy for Strange. If you read the comic book, however, you will understand that Mordo is Strange’s enemy – even the nemesis. But you can never tell in the movie because there might be changes in the plot.

Ever since the photos released to the public, it seems that Strange has gained a more positive acceptance, especially related to the costume. In a superhero movie, a costume is crucial, you know. And after Cumberbatch was caught wearing the uniform, people started to change their opinion into a more positive one, naturally. The dress is simply amazing and the fact that Cumberbatch plays Dr. Strange is only adding the appeal. A streak of a white strand of hair makes him somewhat charming and handsome. And the coolest thing about the whole thing is that Baron Mordo shares the similar charm and great look. See the Youtube teaser and tell me that you aren’t curious about the movie.



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