TriStar Wellness Solution, Inc. (TWSI) is a health and wellness business targeting opportunities in the professional and consumer health care market. The Firm was built upon three tactical product platforms; Healing Skincare, Girls’s Wellness and Wound Care. The proprietary technologies and products are offered worldwide to healthcare markets are competitive and highly efficacious.

TWSI has cross-pollinated proprietary technology in the professional medical marketplace to fuel enlarging consumer desire for brands and accessible, innovative solutions. The mix of empowered and effectiveness consequences will ensure our success across the broad spectrum of the health care marketplace and give outstanding returns for our stakeholders.

Since our early formation in April, 2012 TWSI has concentrated business development efforts on the Wound Care and Girls’s Well-Being platforms through a mix of accredited technologies and strategic acquisitions. These significant advantages joined with our internal product development capacity have resulted in the development of several new products across the consumer and professional marketplaces.

The firm has advanced technologies that fulfill our corporate goals and an active outreach program for future tactical acquisitions.

• HemCon® Medical Technologies, Inc. – Bought in May, 2013. This acquisition provided access to international patents and over 70 US defining the center wound care technology in bleeding management. Also this acquisition enabled the firm to penetrate the more extensive professional medical market with a line of established products and highly efficacious that satisfy with many applications ranging from the surgical suite to military marketplaces and injury care/ER.

Licensed in March, 2013- Got an exclusive worldwide license to market accommodated professional products for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) wound care marketplace.

• Soft and Smooth – Got in February, 2013 a female protection that is new under development.